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Set Geographical Target in Google Webmaster Tools

While doing International SEO, you should take into consideration many tools that are available in the Internet to make your job easier. One of the most popular tools that you can use, is Google Webmaster Tools, in order to use this tool you need to add and verify your website uploading an html file to the root of your site or adding a META tag to the code of your index page. I usually upload the html file, but you can choose the one is better for you.

Once you have verified your website, you now have access to valuable information about your site.

The feature that I want to share with you in this post, is setting up the Geographical Target. This means that you can literally tell Google what your target market is.

Geographical Target in Google

Geographical Target in Google

This is really valuable, when you are tarfeting a specific country or market, simply choose the country you desire and ´tell´Google which is your target market. For example, if you are performing SEO in Puerto Rico, you probably would want to specify Puerto Rico as the target for your website.


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    I am still in the midst of completing reviewing all of the available tools but for now you can read more:

  3. Radley says:

    Is there a trial review?

  4. good to know, but what if you want to target more than one country?

  5. I have the same query as above. I want to target both India and US users. I am ranked well in .com for main keyword but not in India. Even though in India the competition for that keyword is very low.

  6. would be nice to know if you can point in two countries in particular. is important to help the positioning ubicasion

  7. SEO Services says:

    i should do this but i have query if we select USA then our site not appear on search engine ranking in india

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